Driving In Flip Flops: Is It Allowed?

Summer is always a flip flop season. It is something that you can have for your footwear that can make you sweat free. You can enjoy walking without thinking a smelly sweat on your feet. It is hot out there and no one wanted to have the bad smell of sweaty feet. When you are working from home, nothing is more comfortable than a pair of a flip-flop. It is easy to wear and very relaxing. But what about in the car? While driving barefoot is legal, it comes with safety risks. Do you think this also true for driving in flip flops?


There are no driving laws that prohibit people from driving in flip flops. States don"t list what are the acceptable and unacceptable footwear in their traffic statutes. Only drivers are required to drive in a safe and responsible manner. As long as you don"t cause an accident or violate any other traffic laws, you can wear something that you are comfortable.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Raymus Payton, it is actually is legal to drive barefoot or with flip-flops. On the other hand, while driving in flip flops is legal, it is not a perfect idea at all. A DMV commissioner said that when their customer service representatives who conduct road tests have seen flip-flops and sandals come off and get stuck under the gas or brake pedal. Of course, there are no accidents recorded yet with driving in flip flops but it is better to prevent it.


A 2013 study showed that ten percent of drivers have gotten a flip flop stuck underneath a pedal while driving. It was also shown that driving with flip flops is more dangerous than wearing high heels. Some research also showed that drivers wearing flip flops were 0.13 seconds slower when applying the brakes than those wearing the regular footwear. This may not sound like a lot of time but this means a 30-foot difference if you are traveling 60 miles per hour.

As confirmed, driving your car barefoot or with flip flops is legal and this is for all 50 states. Acccording to A NASDAQ article, The footwear you drive in can affect the control you have over your vehicle. Like for instance, flip-flops offer zero heel support and this tend to slip off and become wedged under a pedal, then can be a major distraction.

Be comfortable, choose a comfortable footwear when driving. Enjoy your Flip Flop Day when driving if you are into it as well. Jjust do it responsibly. If you do get into an accident while wearing flips flops or any other footwear, make sure to contact a licensed attorney who can help you with the appropriate legal claims.

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