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Whatever the circumstances, auto accident insurance claims require a rapid and thorough investigation to determine the extent of the damage, liability, and the most appropriate defense strategy. Our work is comprehensive, and our Defense Attorney can guide you efficiently through each stage of litigation while thoroughly explaining all available legal options. In any case involving a fatality, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or other injury alleged to cause a loss of limb or permanent loss of function, it is critical to work with a law firm prepared to try that case before a jury if necessary.

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Defense Attorney For Auto Accident Jacksonville, FloridaSubstantive Florida law imposes certain requirements on individuals who have been involved in an automobile accident involving serious personal injury or property damage. The Defense Attorney For Auto Accident of the firm has successfully defended operators and owners of tractor-trailers, school buses, tour buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Our goal is to resolve your case efficiently and economically to protect your bottom line and your interests. We will negotiate aggressively with every insurance adjuster and defend your case in court to ensure that one single penny isn’t held back. From fighting for clients to get them what they deserve in auto accidents, slip and fall, and wrongful death matters to vindicating their reputation in defamation lawsuits, our practice is devoted to serving those injured by the negligence of others. Hundreds of auto accidents occur daily on Duval County roadways, resulting in numerous claims for everything from minor fender benders to multi-vehicle crashes with fatalities.

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We walk our clients through each stage of the litigation, and we take an aggressive approach to resolving the claim in their best interest, be it by way of settlement; mediation; arbitration; or trying the case to verdict. Our Jacksonville firm is a proven resource for insurers in need of dedicated, trial-ready representation after serious car, trucking and other motor vehicle accidents. To some extent, your obligations after being involved in a car accident are going to depend on the severity of that car crash. Each case begins with a thorough review of the automobile accident including an on-scene investigation of the crash site and post-accident reviews. As a result, the firm has developed long-standing client relationships while earning a reputation for personalized legal services. When our insurer clients receive an auto accident insurance claim, our motor vehicle defense attorneys go to work immediately to assess the case thoroughly and take steps to secure the most favorable, cost-effective resolution.

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Our Defense Attorney in Duval County 32202 have years of experience representing insurance companies and self-insured clients in all kinds of motor vehicle accident litigation, including uninsured and underinsured accident claims and the unique issues that arise in the trucking industry. There are a lot of uncertainties and questions, especially when it comes to dealing with claims and insurance companies. Regardless of the specifics, if you’ve been hurt in a collision with a car, motorcycle, truck or semi-truck, you may be able to sue for damages. He is capable of assisting clients in securing compensation in a wide range of injuries, including brain injury, whiplash, or back injury.

We collaborate with in-house counsel, and we are prepared to handle all aspects of litigation through pleading and discovery depositions to settlement, mediation, arbitration or trial. We also have an active self-insured retention practice to assert and defend the interests of other businesses after accidents involving their company vehicles and employees. Your failure to do so can have legal consequences in Jacksonville, Florida that can include a criminal conviction, and up to two months in prison. The firm’s targeted, effective and cost-conscious approach is predicated on the specific facts of each crash and analysis of witness interviews.

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When we approach your case, our attorneys will take the time to understand the issues involved in your case, along with your concerns. It seems that most people involved in car accidents simply want to be able to move on with their lives. Even if you don’t have health insurance, we may be able to get your treatment covered. We have a wide range of experience in a personal injury law, including handling car accidents cases.

Our legal team consists of many Attorney For Car Accident and a large support staff, and we regularly practice in trial and appellate courts throughout the state. We vigorously pursue the best possible outcome you can expect to achieve, and we develop each case we handle in preparation for trial. We have been the auto accident defense firm of choice for the leading insurance carriers in Florida for many years.